About us

In the area of Customs agents since 1952 - belonging to Filacchioni & Pietraforte SAS group

GFC Pietraforte provides fast services, complete and safe, in the shipping industry international, boasting extensive experience of trade-related assistance and making use of a field wide network of correspondents at major international airports. The quality of the proposed solutions guaranteeing full coverage of the needs nature of logistics, expressed by the customer: efficiency and professionalism of the staff, punctuality and regularity of service.

With over sixty years of experience in the airline industry, we are experts about of the Dangerous Good treatment. Our organization has Registrants direct customs, registered with the Customs dispatchers and an operational office in Fiumicino, dedicated to the total completion and formalization of customs operations, both import and Export for any type of goods of Rome and Fiumicino.

Our organization, making use of customs brokers expert collaboration of Community tax legislation, it can memorize options professionally perform build service, subscription, and electronic submission of INTRASTAT models, also providing advice on taxation for intra-Community transactions, and assistance in the course of any tax audits.

The service we offer, and the related costs, are customized according to the needs of customers who can thus reduce the time and the costs for activities dedicated to this fulfillment by avoiding the risk of incurring penalties.

Efficiency and professionalism of the staff, punctuality and regularity of service